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Beljon + Westerterp offers professional support for individual and team related matters. Therefore, we aim at most industries, including: business, healthcare, education, and government. In our approach, professionalism, integrity, discretion, and quality are pre-eminent.

At Beljon + Westerterp the demands of the client are the main focus and, on the basis of this, we have formulated three focal points for our services: ‘customer intimacy’, ‘quality’ and ‘implementation discipline’ (a deal is a deal). These focal points are embedded in our strategy and characterize our services. Beljon + Westerterp works with consultants who build up a relationship of trust with the organization and the candidate. The collaboration which is formed, is based on mutual respect and clear agreements.

In the vision of Beljon + Westerterp, personal development and commitment of employees is related to talent management. Therefore, Beljon + Westerterp works on the basis of a 'performance management' concept; management of the unique talent of an employee. As a result, competences, assignments, and output become visible and are explained on the basis of someone’s talent.

To guarantee reliability and quality when creating a suitability declaration, Beljon + Westerterp consciously choses to use the following components during an assessment center: capacity tests and a work-related personality questionnaire, a structured interview and simulations of practical cases. By also using different reviewers during the assessment center, we can provide an objective as possible and reliable impression of the qualities and main focal points of a candidate.

Beljon + Westerterp works in accordance with the behavioral codes of the Dutch Association of Psychologists (NIP).


Please contact us for more information about our services on an individual, group, or organizational level via this contact form or by calling one of our offices. Would you like to make an appointment with one of our consultants right away? Please send an email or call Monique de Jong, +31 (0)513-656176.

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