Ranging from assessment and talent development to outplacement

Bring out the best in employees and optimise team performance

Successful organisations know how to bring out the best in their employees and their teams. BeljonWesterterp can help you and your organisation with this. Our scope of expertise ranges from having a deeper insight into the individual by way of our assessment centre, to the further development of employees, talent, departments or MTs through coaching, team-building and other support services. We help organisations and employees to stay vital or become more vital, realise long-lasting deployability, also via our outplacement services.

We do this with a team of seasoned specialists that is dedicated to giving people and organisations the genuine attention they deserve.

Solutions for individuals and organisations

For optimal development, deployability and performance

With our development services, we focus on research, continued development and guiding the talents and performance of individuals and teams within organisations. Depending on the specific needs, our specialists provide a customised set of tools and programmes, including:

assessment centre - 360-degree feedback - Supervisory/executive board self-evaluations - Vitality management - Career orientation - Board-ready - Team development - Outplacement - Coaching

For companies, institutions and non-profit organisations

With over 30 years of experience and a network of offices throughout the Netherlands, we are one of the specialists in the field of employability and performance of employees. For example, with our assessment centre we provide insight into the qualities of (new) employees. With our development centres, coaching and other services, we support individuals and teams in their development goals. And with our vitality management and outplacement programmes, we ensure the sustainable employability of people.

We are also experienced consultants in the healthcare, education and government sectors. We are successful because of the quality of our consultants, psychologists with a labour market or business background. Each with sharp analytical skills and a genuine interest in people and organisations. They understand the question behind the question, are careful and are always goal-oriented.

Always a tailor-made process

Our consultants can draw on a wide range of services, methodologies and tools. Which we apply depends on the specific question or situation.

Our assessment centre provides solid support for the selection of candidates. The result is nomination advice, but can also be development advice. Personality and capacity studies are also part of the toolkit, including the form of simulations. The outcome of an assessment can be the start of a development process.

Through our development centre we guide people from a zero measurement to focused improvement in the field of personality or behaviour. From our strength-based development center we focus specifically on talent development.

In the field of sustainable employability, we offer knowledge, tools and methods to shape and provide content to the vitality of people and organisations.

Assurance of commitment

Genuine attention, better insights

The meticulousness of our approach provides certainty for individuals and organisations. Our development consultants are NIP registered psychologists. We see it as our responsibility to protect the privacy of individuals with the utmost care. For development assignments for departments or teams, we work according to the four-eyes principle and two consultants are involved.

From our services in the field of recruitment and interim, we offer complementary knowledge and services. This means the client can rest assured. With over 30 years of experience, our clients can rely on top quality and the sustainable result of our working method.

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