Supervisory Board Members and Regulators


For already 25 years, Beljon + Westerterp has been the business partner for procedures on the level of Supervisory Board Members and Regulators, offering advisory strength from a perspective of integrity, equality, and expertise at a supervisory level.


The procedures distinguish themselves because our senior-consultants are used to working at the cutting edge of market and organizational objectives and have knowledge of corporate governance and know how to translate this into the relevant requirements for supervisors, supervisory board members, and the members of the Management Board and Supervisory Board., Thorough discussions are held with involved stakeholders in the pre-phase of the procedure.


Our senior consultants are carefully selected by procedure based on their expert knowledge and experience. Our committed psychologists act in accordance with our core values and the behavioral codes of the Dutch Association of Psychologists.

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Koos-Jan Noorman
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